Video Campaign For Growing Business to Improve Traffic

video ads

Video campaign

Has been a powerful way to engage consumers and as a result, video advertising has been increasing in popularity. Users are watching videos across a number of devices like mobile, tablet, desktop etc.,

Display Advertisement is able to build strong brand engagement by connecting with the audience any time and anywhere by displaying the videos.

Types of videos.

1)In-Stream Videos.

In-stream videos creatives are played in video players on web pages.

2)In-Banner Videos.

In-Banner videos are creatives are played in-banner placements rather than in the video player.

Below mentioned steps how to create Video campaign by using Google Ads.

To create Ads go to website

Click on start now and click on skip the guided setup or else Google can give the mini address of Google AdWords.

Enter email Id click on save and continue.

Enter the password.

Click on experience with google ads.

Enter to the account without the campaign.

Go to submit and explore.

The dashboard on google ads open and you will see red and blue boxes.

Go to Campaign.

Enter on video advertisement.

Go to hoe to reach your goal.and select brand awareness reach.

Click on standard awareness.

Provide campaign name and set the budget.

Click the delivery methods.

Select standard.

Bidding strategy CPV.

Networks choose Video portion on the display network.

video campaign

Go to option  language

Select  location

Enter the ad group name

Target audience by in-market

Select as per business requirement so that the people who will see this video these ads will be displayed.

Bidding CPV or requirements of the business.

Go to create your video ad.

Search for your video and upload

Select video ad format instream ad.

Go to create final URL from campaign URL builder.

Display URL should be the domain name.

Call to action should be a business purpose

Headline company name.

Auto-generate using videos from your channel.

Ad name and save.


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