Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Basic Ideas of Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing



There are three types of search engine marketing

  1. Google Ads.
  2. Bing Ads.
  3. Yahoo Search Ads

There are  two types of Networks

1)Search Ads

2)Display Ads


1)Create all types of text  and e-commerce ads based on the keywords

2)These keywords are picked on the basis of search internet

3)They are either,

a)Informational (How many people like mobile)

b)Navigational(Where is the nearest mobile store)

c)Transactional(Buy mobile online)



Display Ads lets you,

1)Create all types of Ads i.e., Image, text, interactive and video ads.

2)Place those Ads on the website that are relevant to what you are selling.

3)Show those ads to the people that are likely to be most interested.

4)Manage and track your budget campaigns and results as you required.



1)Keywords   2)Location   3)Bidding    4)Langauge   5) Demographic.


1)Keywords   2)Intrest    3)In market segments  4)Specific Placement  5)Topics.

When to  run display and search ads:


1)Accuracy is higher as demand.

2)Limited Budgets quicker leads

3)The retargeting combination works brilliantly.

4)Use when a direct ROI is required.


1)Here you generate demand.

2)Required good budget for conversion to happen.

3)Great for creating awareness.

Different types of google advertisement.


1)E-Commerce Ads.

2) Search Ads.

3)Display Ads.

4)Display text Ads.

5)Youtube image Ads.

6)Gmail Ads.

Keywords match types were to run Ads:

1)Broad Match this can be any words, synonyms and related terms thus ads will run

2)Broad Match Modified this need to match at least three keywords then only the ads will run.

3)Phrase Match same phase then the only ad will display.

4)Exact Match if there are exact keywords then only the ad will run.

5)Negative Match this includes words do not want to display Ads.

Search Engine Marketing Cycle:


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