Landing Page Background and Steps to Perfect Landing page for conversions.

Landing Page Background


Landing Page

A landing page is a standalone web-page and it is disconnected from the website navigation page. Created for the sole purpose of the convincing visitor to act, for example, signup, download, buy etc,.Landing pages are designed in a single focused objective known as a call to action.  Everyone can construct a landing page. But it is very difficult to identify whether the landing page will create a good impact on users and think them to convert or not. Good landing page with a combination of a converting funnel could be very essential for growing the online business.

Landing pages are classified into two types.

Lead Generating

It is the primary kind of landing page used for business to business marketing. For collecting lead information such as,  Names and email address, which gives you permission to continue talking and marketing to them.

The  Click Through

The target of a click-through page is to warm up the visitor to the product you are trying to market. Purposefully used for e-commerce, click through pages gives enough information to inform the person who is ready to purchase. Making them purchase or forcing them further down the funnel, probably to a shopping cart.

Steps to be followed for a perfect landing page are mentioned below

Use high-quality images

Using high-quality images on the landing pages is one of the easiest ways to attract people.

Try to limit choice

Try to keep your landing page very simple as possible, because if there are many choices the user may get confused and may skip the page.

Limit Scrolling length

The Scrolling time must be short otherwise the user may skip the page.




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