Keyword Research to Construct the Business and to Reach Target.



Keyword Resear

The process of finding the best suitable keywords, for a business to optimize the site is based on our targeted keywords.

By using correct keywords we can achieve the ranking in the search engine result page. Keywords are having the ability to make or break the site. Keywords help to predict the user demands and any changes in search.

Types of Keywords.


Informational Keyword: These keywords are of two types generic and specific.

Generic: We cannot specify what is the purpose of the keyword, that is used by the user for example if user types keyword ‘mobile’, means he wants to know about mobiles or information about mobile.

Specific: Where the user is specific to some product, for example, the user types a keyword ‘buy mobile online’, by these kinds of keywords we can specify the users need.

Navigational Keywords: The user is looking a page or part of a website, for example, the user enters keywords “new mobile in Amazon”.user wants to buy a mobile from Amazon only so he enters in website amazon and enters into the mobile page.

Transactional: The keywords which can generate any leads is called transactional keywords, for example, learn digital marketing, Buy Samsung galaxy mobile online.


Types of keywords depending on the size of the keywords.

1)Short Tail: These keywords will be of one to two words only and in these types of keywords competition will be very high and very difficult to rank by using short tail keywords.

2)Medium Tail:

These keywords will be of three to five words,

and these types of keywords will have low competition and we can use these keywords to rank

because we know the purpose of these keywords entered by the user and

it will have a very good volume of searches.

3)Long Tail:

These keywords will be long and the user is very specific about the search and very low volume

and easy to rank on SEO process.

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