Google Tag Manager and Conversion Factors of a Website.

Google Tag manager and Conversion rate in google ads.

google tag manager

Conversion is reaching a goal or endpoint, to track the conversion from where it is coming.

Login to Google Ads.

Click on tools symbol.

Enter on the Conversion.

You will see four options.

1)Website   2)App     3) Phone calls    4)Import.

As per business requirements please select media to track the conversation.

Select Website.

As per business requirement please fill below details to track the conversion.

Conversion Name:

Category: The best describes the category.

Purchase sale.

Signup and enter into the option Lead.

View of a key page and other.

Value: Select how to track the value for each conversion.

1)Use the same value for each conversion.

2)Use a different value for each conversion.

3)Do not use value.

Count: Select how many conversion to count per click or interaction i.e, a person converting more than one conversion.EveryOne

Conversion window: Select how long to track after a click or other interaction.30 days

View through Conversion window: select how long to track view through conversion after an impression.

Include Conversion yes.

google tag manager

Attribution  Model: Select an attribution model for your search network.

Which click give consideration.

Channel organic,banner,social media,direct.Which channel converted need to give credit is called attribution mode.

That is the last click, first, click. liner, time delay and position based.

Create and continue.

This helps to combine all tag in a simple tag, the tag is a piece of code.

There are three ways to tag below listed

1)Install the tag and need to given code to the website.

2)Email tag to deliver.

3)Use google tag manager.

To install go to Google tag manager website i.e, www.googletag

Go to tag manager

Click on New tag.

Click tag Conversion and paste the code.

Triggering by this google knows that how many people visit our website there are 69 tags.




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