Google Analytics and how it is useful for business growth


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to measure or track the performance of the business.

To identify growth opportunities, and  It is very important to monitor activities that happen on your website.

Factors to check.


This shows the result, how many people are active on your site. Also tracks the device that the user is using to log on to the site, for example, mobile, desktop etc. We can track where the user is spending time, on which active pages and also from where the user is coming. Very helpful to identify whether new content on your site is being viewed or not.


Allows to compare the performance of different working channels, and enables to discover which marketing channels perform the best and we can focus on that, in order to grow the business.

We can also check the revenue contribution by each channel as per the time frame was set. It allows to compare the bounce rate of the website, and easily can analyze the reason for high bounce rate and where can be improved to minimize the bounce rate.


Referral helps to track other websites that have been referred or, sent visitors from their website to our website, which is really interesting to know because we can know exactly where they linked to our website and on which page of our website they are linking.


The behavior section of our google analytics account can tell us a lot of information about, how our website visitors are interacting with our website. i.e., by,

1)Landing Page.

A landing page is a page through which visitor enter into the website, in this case, the landing page should be optimized properly so that the people visited our website, should view our blog, fill the form, or complete the conversion process.

2)Exit Pages.

By Exit Page, we can track how many visitors are leaving the website. Here we can compare between pages and find which page, the visitor is leaving the website so we can optimize the relevant page.

3)All Pages.

All pages, give information about where our website visitors are spending more time. So we can improve our similar content so that visitor can fill up the form.

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