Digital Marketing Advantages and Activities for Business growth

Digital Marketing



Digital Marketing.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the process of reaching your targeted customers,

in an effective and precise way through various digital channels and to attract, engage and convert them.

And it is a way to promote brand and products online and through other

digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and etc.,

Since Digital Marketing takes place online, it is accessible to the global audience

Marketing Goals.

1)Identifying and reaching target Customers.

2)Showcase product and service.

3)Convince to purchase.

4)Keep the customer loyal.

5)Reaching  Business goals and objectives.

6)Reduce spending and increase efficiency.



Required qualities of digital marketing



3)Result Oriented



6)Presentation and


Digital Marketing Activities.

1)Analyze the marketing requirements of the customer.

2)Identify the right channel for promotion.

3)Media budget planning.

4)Generate and distribute the content.

5)Manage conversion.

6)Optimize the content of discoverable.

7)Use online advertising to reach people faster.

8)Use analysis to understand and improve the outcome.

The process of Digital marketing.

steps of digital marketing


1)Ask Questions and collect requirement.

2)Define the target Audience/Buyer persons.

3)Create core messages.

4)Develop campaign ideas.

5)Prepare the channel mix.

6)Target Audience: Age, Gender, Occupation, Income, Geographics like location and physiographic like interest, behavior, personality, values etc.


1)Create website.

2)Setup social media channels.

3)Create campaign ads.

4)Create Videos Infographics etc.,


1)Optimize website for search traffic

2)Run paid campaigns.

3)Run Emai campaigns.

4)Run influencer marketing campaigns.

5)Create and distribute high-quality content.


1)Setup Conversion tracking.

2)Monitor conversion.

3)Optimize the conversion rate.

4)Run experiments/split test.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

digital marketing

1)Reach the people easily because all are online today.

2)It is very Budget friendly.

3)It helps to analyze the reports better.

4)Helps to target the right people.

5)We can track the location of the people also.

6)Reach more people with less budget.

7)Run intelligent campaigns.

8)Optimize performance in a better way.



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