This is My Story…

This Is My Story                   

This is my story when I thought of writing ‘About Me’, I felt a little embarrassed, but still excited at the same time. My life has been a Sweet and Sour Mix. Some of the experiences are beyond the limit, which I cannot share with the World.

My name is Abodh Sah, I am from India. I am naturally a reserved person.

In simple words, I can portray my life as, “Eldest son of the happy couple, I raised in the world of love and freedom”. Attended School which is in the neighborhood colony, Graduated from a College in the next colony.

I didn’t know that my fate is waiting for me, to introduce all the Ups and Downs, Turns and Twists. It took a huge toll on me. Or a roller coaster ride with people, Friends turned Enemies, Enemies turned Friends.

Nevertheless, most of them were pretty interesting to spend time with.

 Very much interested in learning new things

And I enjoy listening to music, playing chess and cricket.

I am a person who is positive about everything about life.

 I like to see the sunrise in the morning, I like to see the moon in the night, I like to feel the music flowing in the face, I like to smell the wind coming from the ocean.

The things I like to remember is about my childhood, the way I have done my schooling was awesome, It gives me a very good positive attitude to think at every moment of my life. And I love making friends with new people with a smiling face.

Apart from being bored, I do stuff like solo long bike rides, boast about my cooking. I am a very patient person and I can watch movies a day.

Thank you!

‘So Far So Good’

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